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Working principle of air energy water heater

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  From a professional point of view, the air energy water heater uses the principle of thermodynamic reverse Carnot cycle. The compressor in the air energy main engine sucks low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas from the evaporator, and compresses the refrigerant into high temperature and high pressure gas through work. The gas enters the condenser to exchange heat with the water, and is condensed into a low-temperature liquid in the condenser to release a large amount of heat. The water absorbs the heat and releases heat and the temperature continues to rise. Then the high-pressure and low-temperature liquid is throttled and depressurized by the expansion valve. In the evaporator, the fan absorbs the heat from the surrounding air to evaporate into low-pressure gas, which is sucked into the compressor and compressed, and the cycle is repeated to produce hot water. .

    Simply put, the working principle of an air energy water heater is to absorb the heat in the air and then transfer the heat to the heat preservation water tank. After the water in the water tank absorbs the heat, the temperature will rise. When the water temperature rises, we can use the hot water.

Advantages of air energy water heater:

    * The air-energy water heater is a product with high energy efficiency and low energy consumption. It uses the working principle of a heat pump to absorb low-energy heat in the air to heat the water through the pipeline circulation system, and consumes only 1/4 of the electric water heater;

    * The air-energy water heater is easy to install and stable in water use, which overcomes the shortcomings of solar water heaters relying on sunlight for heat and inconvenient installation;

    * The air-energy water heater has high safety. The air-energy water heater does not need the electric heating element to directly contact the water during the working process, which avoids the danger of electric water heater leakage; also prevents the gas water heater from the possible explosion and poisoning danger;

    * Air-energy water heaters are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and effectively control air pollution caused by exhaust gas from fuel-fired water heaters.