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Where is the air energy water heater suitable for installation?

Date:2020-02-26 Hits:
Currently, the hottest domestic water heaters are air energy water heaters. This kind of equipment with modern appearance and efficient heating has quickly become the "new favorite" of consumers. However, because it is a new product, many consumers like it very much, but lack a certain understanding of it. For example, many friends will post on the Internet asking where should the air-energy water heater be installed?
    Indeed, air-energy water heaters are different from traditional gas water heaters. They are storage water heaters and are often equipped with large-capacity water tanks, so they will take up a lot of space for installation. But don't worry, the author interviewed several technicians who are engaged in related work in the air energy industry and made a detailed summary for everyone.

    Outdoor air conditioning
    The current house price is an inch of gold. Everyone has worked so hard to make money and finally bought a 100 square meter house. Naturally, they don't want the water heater to occupy too much family space. At this time, we can choose to install the air-energy water heater in the outdoor air-conditioning position. The air energy water heater is installed outdoors, which can better exchange the air and absorb the heat in the air. In addition, the equipment is installed outside the window, which can effectively isolate the sound of equipment operation and ensure that the room is quiet enough.

    In most houses, the balconies are designed to be very spacious and there is enough space to install air-energy water heaters. The balcony is well ventilated, and the door (window) of the balcony is closed, which can also isolate the sound of the water heater outside. In addition, many balconies are relatively close to the bathroom, which is also convenient for us to adjust the temperature and operation mode of the water heater.

    Compared with the balcony, the kitchen space is generally much smaller. In most cases, it is not suitable to install an air-energy water heater. But if it is a wall-mounted water heater, it can still be installed. The air-energy water heater is installed on the wall of the kitchen and is closer to the water point of the kitchen, which can reduce the heat loss during the transportation of hot water.

    To put it simply, there are no strict requirements for the installation of air-energy water heaters. We follow the three principles of "keep away from resting areas", "near the water end" and "do not affect daily life", and you will be able to choose the most suitable air-energy water heater Installation location.