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Team building style | Concentrate and build an elite team!

Date:2020-06-26 Hits:

               Life is not only about the present, but also poetry and distance, work is not all busy all day, and there are wonderful team building activities.

               In order to enrich employees’ lives, eliminate their work troubles, and at the same time strengthen communication and collaboration between teams, increase team cohesion

                Xinli, on June 20th, Forlssman organized a team camping activity with the theme of "Concentrate and Build an Elite Team".

               On the day of departure, the friends assembled at the company and were ready to go. The scenery along the way accompanies all the friends until

                Arrived at the destination of this team building-Yangjiang Lanpao Bay Beach.

               Upon reaching the destination, the team began to camp in groups and sort out the accompanying items. Everyone is busy working on the assignments in an orderly manner

                The tasks and coordination were very tacit, and within a short while, a row of neat and stable tents jumped out.

               With the blue sky and the vast seascape, as well as the cool sea breeze blowing from the deep sea, it’s rare for your friends to take a leisurely stroll,

                Shell, stroll on the beach and enjoy the beauty endowed by nature comfortably.

              The most indispensable part of a wonderful trip is food. How can you not get a seafood feast when you come to the beach. After some rest, guy

                The companions went to the Seaview Fishing Village to eat in enthusiasm. Crabs, Pippi shrimps, sea fish, conch...everything you want to eat!

               The sun came out and the mist cleared, everything looked hopeful! After washing and eating in the morning, the Fujiman elite team will start

                I am enthusiastic about this ultimate team building activity.

               Through the cooperation between teams, the creativity, imagination, and hands-on ability of each other are used to accumulate the beaches that belong to Forlssman

                Pattern shape.

               Good times are always short, and the two days and one night activities ended happily. Through this team building activity, not only

                It shows the humanistic feelings of Forlssman, and also allows everyone to release work pressure during the process of having fun, and enhance collective cohesion

                And team spirit, put into every day’s work with fuller passion and enthusiasm, and achieve a more powerful

                Shiman elite team!